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SOTF S.C. is a team of specialists in the field of automation, power protection automation as well as supervisory control and data acquisition systems.


That's what we do

We operate in the industry of professional power engineering and renewable energy sources.


We carry out a comprehensive commissioning of electrical switchgears in power plants, in substations and industrial facilities. We make configuration, all necessary electrical checks and we commission the automation, protection and control systems.


Both at the design and implementation stage, we provide support in the following areas: project compliance analysis with equipment and installation requirements; verification for control, signaling, automation and protection. We perform simulation analyzes of facilities and power grids.


As part of servicing activities, we deal with checks in the scope of operational measurements of primary devices (lines, transformers, generators, motors), measurements of current and voltage transformers, secondary circuit measurements. In addition, we check the operation of protection automation, station automation, teleprotection, control and supervision systems, SCADA, communication networks and systems.


We are using an Omicron CMC 356 protection tester with advanced software covering all Advanced modules. We are able to perform an end-to-end study, ie a study of complete protection system in two remote locations with synchronism (eg. line differential). In addition, we have the necessary software to perform tests and simulations of communication using the protocols used in the power industry. The testing of primary equipment is made by the WP-1000 primary tester.

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